Palestinian protest camp Bab al-Shams

Gepostet von am Jan 12, 2013

It must have been a damn cold night up there in the hills east of Jerusalem, where Palestinians have erected a protest camp in protest of Israeli settlement plans in the area. Blankets where spread out in tents and on mattresses, a frozen looking young man tried to warm up in the sunlight.

Popular resistance organizers such as Abdallah Abu Rahme and Mohammad Khatib surprised many with the spontaneous non-violent protest. It is also a show of force for the grassroots youth movement of Fatah and the popular resistance committees, which have led protests in numerous villages over the last years, mostly against Israeli land occupation. But it has not happened often that young Palestinians from different regions of the West Bank and Jerusalem gather in a spot unrelated to their own home-town and claim Palestinian land which Israel threatens to turn into the “E1” settlement, which has recently been green-lighted and provoked international outrage. It is widely believed that once finished, E1 would make a coherent Palestinian state nearly impossible because it cuts the West Bank into two pieces and isolates it from East Jerusalem.

“We think they will evacuate us soon”, said Abu Rahme nervously, as an Israeli border police car passed the camp. “But we will see”, he added, and moved on to organize the shift change in the camp. As one group of Palestinians marched down the road, exhausted from a hard night but equipped with flags, the new group 

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