Reporting from Copenhagen conference on the ethnography of violence

Gepostet von am Mrz 1, 2013

Anthropologists in the field are often confronted with difficult choices, and this holds particularly true for those researching conflict and civil resistance movements. The conference The Loose Ends of Fielwork: Emotional Care of the Self in the Ethnography of Violence“, happening between March 1-3 2013 in Copenhagen, tries to address these issues. The event is hosted by the Dignity institute against torture.

From the perspective of direct access to scholarly knowledge and discussion, such conferences are often rather „old-school“: the discussions take place within a narrow circle, and until the papers are published, months if not years can pass. This is why I am experimenting with live coverage of the conference, via Rebelmouse – a Social Media aggregator that brings together all tweets from the conference under the roof of one single web page. To follow the experiment, or to join the discussion – simply by using the Twitter hashtag #ethnography2013 or #ethnographyofviolence – check it out at


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