The Social Sciences and Social Media

Gepostet von am Sep 7, 2013

„The more we know, the less we see?“


Screenshot of PACSA conference reporting


I have been puzzled again and again about how puzzled fellow anthropologists are whenever it comes to the use of social media: using twitter, facebook-pages and blogs to advocate their own work and share it with a wider public are tools that only very slowly find their way into the ivory tower of closed academic societies. A tweet may be reductionist compared to a 300-page book, and a blog-entry may not fulfill the demands of scientific knowledge production, which social scientists are raised to obey. But the social media have become an inherent part of worldwide communication. Refusing to speak through this channesl as an academic is more dangerous I believe than the often cited „danger“ the internet supposedly holds for academia. But what lies behind this refusal is often fear, fears to be judged, sociophobia, privilege, and the convenience of not having to care about the distribution of the work we do.


Here is one recent example of my own efforts to share some of the ideas brought in at a conference by the network of anthropologists connected to Peace and Conflict Studies, PACSA:

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