Bounded Mobilities: Ethnographic Perspectives on Social Hierarchies and Global Inequalities

Gepostet von am Mrz 18, 2016

This new volume on the bounded nature of mobility is about to be published, with a wide range of exciting ethnographic research chapters onthe many ways in which movement and confinement interact. You can pre-order the volume on the publisher’s website: Transcript

Bounded Mobilities

Bounded Mobilities

The basic idea: Mobility is a keyword of late modernity that suggests an increasingly unrestrained and interconnected world of individual opportunities. However, as privileges enable some to live in a seemingly borderless world, others remain excluded and marginalized. Boundaries are created, modified and consolidated, particularly in times of hypermobility. Evidently, mobility is closely tied to immobility. This volume features ethnographic research that challenges the concept of mobility with regard to social inequalities and global hierarchies.

The volume includes special contributions by leading mobility and migration scholars Noel Salazar and Bruno Riccio.

I co-edited the volume together with Miriam Gutekunst, Sabina Leoncini, Julia Sophia Schwarz, and Irene Götz. If you are interested to get in touch, invite us for a talk or any other kind of exchange, you can contact me here.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m an urbanism and architecture graduate student, I’m very interested on your work about global mobility. How can I ready it ?

    Thank you.

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